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Italians have always had a love affair with food.  They show it with its abundance, subtle flavors, freshness, simplicity, and consistency.  Only a true Italian could convey these tastes and emotions to others.  At Virgilio's Pizzeria & Wine Bar you experience all this as "un membro della nostra famiglia" -- a member of our family.


Virgilio was born on the outskirts of Naples, Italy.  He came to the United States in 1966 with his parents and brother, settling in New Haven County, Connecticut, 60 miles outside of New York City.  Though “L’America” was their new home, the family took the best of Italy with them: the magical cuisine of their homeland. 

Virgilio learned to cook from his mother, who treated every meal as an event.  Cupboards were filled only with jars of vegetables, fruits and fresh herbs which were grown by the family.  Breads never came in a plastic bag, only from “mama’s” oven.  And each day, the sweet scent of garlic, parsley and sweet basil heating in olive oil filled the air as another fresh pot of tomato sauce was slowly simmering to perfection. 


In addition to the world class ingredients used in making our pizza, the way in which it is cooked is purely Italian.  Brick ovens were first discovered among the ruins of ancient Pompeii.  The brick oven evokes a time when life was slower, and the food was simply better. It allows us to enjoy a style of cooking that is both authentic and enjoyable, and delivers unmatched results, which is why each and every pizza at Virgilio's Pizzeria & Wine Bar is cooked in this age old manner.


To this very day, Virgilio's family still grows their own tomatoes in their backyard garden, making every pot of tomato sauce from scratch!  There is simply no compromise when it comes to the quality of food on their table.  Just as Virgilio’s family carried that tradition from Italy to the United States, Virgilio now carries this timeless family tradition of freshness and uncompromising quality to his guests at Virgilio’s Pizzeria.


 Maria & Armando, Virgilio's Parents

Ruviano, Caserta, Italy,  1960  

 Giacomo & Maria back

Virgilio front 1967

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