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All Online Orders Receive Double Loyalty Points

Curbside (please read once)

Please check "BRING MY ORDER TO MY CAR" and enter your vehicle information or you WILL NOT receive a text message link to notify us your arrival.


Once your online order is placed you will receive a text with a estimated time.  Click on the  link in your text when you arrive at due time and we will run out the food to your car. DO NOT REPLY TO TEXT. CLICK ON THE LINK 

 You must use a cell phone #, land lines don't work.  


You can now order delivery from our website.  This is done through Toast Delivery Services by Doordash.  Their is a $25 min order for delivery and $3.99 delivery fee. The delivery area is a 5 mile radius. The prices are the same as our web site unlike the Doordash app (20% higher).  Be advised, Doordash is a 3rd party company and we do not control the drivers.  We will do our best to contact Doordash if there is a issue with your delivery. 

We are only accepting credit or debit cards online. 

 Please DO NOT WRITE IN comments box items that are EXTRA (example add alfredo, gluten free option must be checked, extra sauce). Extra items need to added into the cart for the proper price to be added. EXTRA means EXTRA not FREE!!! 


Thank you for your business & God Bless.  

Orders Must Be Completed 15 minutes Before We Close

Mon-Thur 8:00pm - Fri-Sat 8:30pm 

Common Mistakes: Take & Bake only available on 8" & 14" pizzas size. It must say Take & Bake on your order or it will be cooked.  

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