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Groups of 1-6 can  add yourself to the waitlist. Larger  groups  6 and larger can check check for reservations availability on the  Reservation Page 

YOU MUST CHECK-IN WITH THE HOST UPON ARRIVAL.   Check your place in line this will help plan your wait. Once checked in you will added to the "I am here list". You can only join after we go on a wait.   All requests will be removed after 45 min without a check in.  Larger groups without a reservation must call to check availability.  We can only give a estimate we cannot promise  a  exact time.  Use the place in line as a guide. 

 If there's no wait, it will say, "No Wait. Come On In". This can change during busy times, so please check often if you are on your way.  Patio & Bar Area are on a 1st come basis.    

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