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We want every experience you have at Virgilio's Pizzeria to be exceptional. This is why we couldn’t be more pleased when guests rave about us, or when dining publications recognize our efforts. Below are some of our most recent accolades.







"Best Pizza in Colorado"

USA Today

At Virgilio's Pizzeria Napoletana Littleton, Naples-born owner Virgilio Urbano makes a slice that's pliable you can fold it and eat it on the street. It's cooked in gas ovens, so the crust is light and puffy on the edges. He also uses whole-milk mozzarella. The pizza is fabulous, but it's worth the trip just for the garlic knots bits of pizza dough dipped in...

"Best NY Style Pizza"


If you want a perfectly pleasant conversation to turn contentious, just mention the word "pizza" and watch the dough fly. Or you can just shut your piehole and plop yourself down at Virgilio's, where the New York-style pizzas are generally known to silence even the most severe skeptics. The pizzas — sturdy, slightly raised, requisitely chewy...

"Best of the Suburbs"

5280 Magazine

For the die-hard italian traditionalist: Virgilio's Pizzeria dishes out a real slice of Italy; owner Virgilio Urbano was born near Naples, Italy, and the grow-your-own-tomatoes technique came with his family when they immigrated. The Belmar spot was so successful that he opened a spacious Littleton location this past summer and added a wine list...

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"Top 50 Pizzerias in the USA"

USA Today '11/ '12/ '13


"Best Happy Hour"

Westword '13


"Top Restaurants in Colorado"

Zagat Rated '11/ '12/ '13


"Best Vegan Dish at a Non-Vegan Restaurant"

Westword '12


"Best Bar in the Suburbs"

Westword '11


"Best of City Search"

'06/ '07/ '08'/ '09


"Best Pizza in Denver"

AOL Cityguide 


"Best Lunch Spot"

Best of City Search


"Best White Pizza"

Colorado's Italian Community Paper


"Best New York Style Pizza"

Top of the Rocky


"Top 20 Best Restaurants"

5280 Magazine


"Best New York-Style Pizza Available in Colorado"

Rocky Mountain News State of the Plate 


"Best Salad"

Best of City Search 


"Best New Restaurant"

5280 Magazine 



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